12 Family Activities

As the novel known as Coronavirus continues to add chapters we as a society have been tested in more ways than one, and have had to readapt to our new day to day life. Throughout the hardships, there have always been silver linings to celebrate. With the prospect of school and daycare closures in addition to workplaces shutting down or shifting to remote working, many families around the world face the likelihood of long days at home ahead but can use this as an opportunity for family bonding and fun stay-at-home activities. Here is a list of 12 at-home-activities for you and your family to try:

1 . Hide and Seek

This classic game can take on a new spin when the whole family participates; could you imagine dear ol’ dad trying to squeeze somewhere sneaky to hide from his children? Moms have mastered this since the toddler stage, but together this game is fun for every age. Of course, you will have to set boundaries before the game (no dangerous hiding spots or anywhere beyond the home) but this will provide entertainment for hours. 

2 . Board Games

When was the last time you dusted off Shoots and Ladders or Candy Land? If you are in for a potential multiple-day game, reach for Monopoly and see who in the family has the best business skills. Board games have always brought families together, so during this increased period of togetherness why not roll the dice and fully embrace it?

3 . Puzzles

Puzzles are a great activity for children 3 and up. In this day in age, you can get various puzzles with fun designs and skill levels keeping your brain and hand eye coordination sharp. Work on one as a family or race to finish!

4 . The Floor is Lava

Every kid has played “the floor is lava” or some variation of it; make it an obstacle course with an objective at the end. Organize couch cushions as “rocks” leading to a prized amulet or vase at the end that they have to retrieve and return to the starting point- Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark anyone?

5 . At Home Theatre

Speaking of movies, bring the theatre to your living room! Rearrange the furniture, make special movie snacks, and vote on what new (or old) movie to watch all from the comfort of your own home. For the full movie experience, you can browse Netflix to watch the previews of different shows and movies before the main feature plays. Don’t forget the popcorn with extra butter!

6 . Make a Box Fort 

Since we are to limit our out-of-home shopping, there must be a surplus of cardboard boxes lying around the house. When the pandemic gives you cardboard, create a fort! 

7 . Write Letters

Teach your kids how to write and address a letter by writing family members and friends from far and wide, letting them know you are thinking of them during this interesting time. You can even meet a penpal and start a new friendship! Peaceful Pen pals is a great website to find a penpal for your child https://kidsforpeaceglobal.org/peacefulpenpals/

8 . Plant a Garden

Gardening is beginning to be a lost art. Use this time to share where food comes from and how different foods grow! Depending on where you are in the world, it may be the wrong time of year to start a full backyard garden, but you can always grow herbs on your window seal or start by sprouting beans in a plastic bag taped to the window so younger kids can see just how plants sprout from seeds.

9 . Baking

At the start of the pandemic, a lot of people went back to the basics of cooking and experimented with the fundamental basics of flour, salt, and water creating everything from sourdough boules to fresh baked cookies. If you didn’t jump on the baking train the first round, now is your time! Creating a sourdough starter is simple, and a fun way for the family to create something delicious together… and possibly good practice for adopting a pet since you have to tentatively care for and feed the starter! 

10 . Start a YouTube Channel 

Go beyond recording family movies and express your creative writing and acting skills by filming and launching a YouTube Channel! Whether you choose to keep it listed as private for family and friends view only or public for all to enjoy, this is a great creative outlet that can turn into something “more” someday. Check out this Quarantine Kids episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gW8yfFSRIg

11 . Themed Dinners

One of the most entertaining things that have been trending during this stay at home order is the “themed dinners” where every family member comes to dinner dressed to the theme! There have been some creative and funny themes, such as Pirates, Super-Villains, Favorite Animals, and Star Wars. Set a theme and vote on your favorite dinner attendee! 

12 . Cleaning Your Wardrobe 

When was the last time you went through your entire wardrobe? Repurpose those hole-riddled socks as dust rags, and toss out that tattered shirt. Host a fashion show and vote on what stays and what goes! List the items that “go” on Poshmark or donate to a local shelter around you, just check their policies on incoming donations. Speaking of cleaning…

In addition to all of these fun ideas, you can begin preemptively spring cleaning as a family, because as they say… More hands make less work! Don’t forget to celebrate the little things and the opportunity to be together and safe at home.

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