House Hack: 7 Steps To Get Your House Ready To Sell

Use these 7 steps to get your home into shape and wow potential buyers

Step 1 – Disassociate

I know it’s difficult…but you have to begin today to look at your home “through the eyes of the Buyer” and see your home as a “product.”

Step 2 – Improve Your Curb Appeal

Many buyers will drive by to look at your street and your home first; make sure you pressure wash the outside, clean the gutters, mow and edge the lawn, trim bushes, and plant some flowers. Add a fresh coat of paint to the front door, if needed.

Some mulch and a kept up lawn go a LONG way

Step 3 – Freshen Up Paint and Make Repairs

You want your home to be in the best condition possible and number one is: paint… and make sure you use neutral colors. Also, making major repairs like broken windows or a leaky roof is a necessity…don’t want to have any reason for discouraged buyers..

Step 4 – Start Packing Now

Get boxes for trash, packing, and your favorite charity. You can declutter any extra accessories and be a step ahead in the moving process…you will be so happy when the time comes to move.

Step 5 – Cleaning

Remove the cobwebs, wash the walls and baseboards, and clean inside your refrigerator, oven, and cupboards. Organize your closets and pack clothes and shoes not in season. Make sure you have the carpets professionally cleaned and dust under furniture. And don’t forget the windows, including water spots. Sorry, but the cleaning will continue every day once your house hits the market, and you will have to do the dishes, make the beds, and clean up after the kids.

Step 6 – Lighting

The more the better! So remove old or cheap drapes and trim the bushes in front of windows.

Step 7 – Modernize

Buy fresh pillows, large artwork, plants, and white towels for bathrooms. We’re certified professional home stagers at RW Home Staging and can help you shop and place your accessories…and you can take all of these beautiful new purchases with you to your new home.

An example of how some easy changes can make an older house look new again

Need Help?

All home sellers delight in selling their homes stress free, for top dollar, and quickly, right?  Hire a professional stager to increase your returns…no stress. If you’re living in Fresno, living in Clovis, or living in Sanger, or surrounding areas contact  RW Home Staging for a free consultation. 

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