Moving Checklist

What you need to know

Moving homes can be extremely stressful whether you are relocating to across town or across the country. Having a Moving Checklist is a handy reminder of the things to do and people to inform regarding your new address. Creating a checklist can be a daunting task (just like moving) so we have created one for you!


It is crucial to notify your friends and family of your new location as well as a few others you may not have thought of.

☐ Complete a “Change of Address” form at a USPS post office

☐ Notify your employer

☐ Notify any delivery services (besides USPS)

☐ Notify your grounds keepers (gardeners, window washers, house keepers, etc)

☐ Have new address recorded on driver’s license and car registration (DMV)


Changing your address means banks and credit unions will need an updated address to ensure you receive your statements. 

☐ Credit card companies 

☐ Banks and Credit Unions

☐ Notify credit monitoring service (such as Equifax)


Prior to moving out of your home and into your new one you will have to notify your utility companies of the changes. 

☐ Notify cable, phone, electric, gas, water, fuel, and garbage companies

☐ Request refunds on any deposits made

☐ Return cable boxes, remote controls etc.

☐ Cancel Alarm service


Just like your credit cards, insurance companies need your updated address so they can send your statements and need-to-know information such as policy changes. 

☐ Notify Insurance Companies 

☐ Ensure that Property Insurance Coverage for your new home is in place

☐ Update your doctors office

☐ Update your pharmacies

☐ Update Health Insurers such as HMOs, agencies and brokers


If you have school age children, it is important to make sure their transition is as seamless as it can be

☐ Get school transcripts (some districts require that they be sent directly from the prior school)

☐ Call new school to make sure you have everything required


With all of the excitement of moving and things, certain details may slip your mind. Don’t worry! 

☐ Make sure moving companies are paid

☐ Carry enough cash or traveler’s checks to cover cost expenses until you establish banking   

    connections in location.

☐ Carry jewelry and important documents yourself, or use registered mail

☐ Triple check closets, drawers, shelves to make sure that they are empty

☐ Leave the old house keys, garage door openers, house plans and instruction manuals needed

    for the new owner with real estate agent

☐ Register to vote in new city

☐ Update any memberships such as gyms and wine clubs

☐ Update any subscription services (like Netflix)

☐ Your Pets!!

We hope with this checklist handy your move will be an exciting and low-stress time, focusing on new beginnings. For more tips on moving, ask Mike or Justin!

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