Receiving Offers on Your Home: A Guide to Successful Negotiations

Expert Negotiation for Optimal Results

Meet Mike: Your Experienced Negotiator

Your Trusted Negotiator with Decades of Experience

Watch my video “Receiving Offers on Your Home” to see how “knowing how to negotiate” effectively is crucial, not only to secure the highest possible price for your home, but also to negotiate the best terms possible. I’m Mike, owner/broker at Webber Realty Group, and bring decades of experience to the table.

Essential Steps Before Discussing Offers – Vetting Buyers and Their Representatives

Before we meet to discuss the offers, there are essential steps we take. We thoroughly vet the buyers by contacting their agent and lender, verifying their qualifications, funds, and level of interest in your property. We also assess the experience and professionalism of the buyer’s agent and lender, as they play a crucial role in ensuring a successful deal.

Reviewing Offers and Terms – Providing Expert Advice and Guidance

After vetting the buyers, their agents, and lenders, we meet with you to discuss the offers and review their terms. We’ll provide our professional advice on the pros and cons of each offer, but ultimately, the decision of which offer to accept or counter is yours.

Multiple Offers? Consider a Counter Offer Strategy – The Cream of the Crop Approach

If we have multiple offers, we can set an offer deadline and counter all the offers. This approach allows us to choose from the “cream of the crop.” It often results in the opportunity to secure a higher price and better terms for you. 

Reaching Agreement, Accepting an Offer: Entering Escrow

Once we come to terms, we enter the escrow phase. Check out our blog post here for a detailed understanding of what to expect and the escrow timeline. Generally, if financing is involved, the average time frame to close on a home is around 30 days. Cash transactions can often expedite the closing period.

Need Assistance? Contact Mike for Expert Guidance
Make sure to check out Mike’s full video “ Receiving Offers on Your Home,” and if you have any other questions or need assistance now regarding your home, please give me a call – I’m here to help you every step of the way.

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