Stand Out From the Competition: Tips to Secure Your Dream Home

Three Tips to Make Your Offer Stand Out in a Competitive Market

Yes, even in today’s market and in our area in the Central Valley, buyers are still competing for their dream home. So, how can you make your offer stand out above the rest? Watch Mike’s full video here as he shares three valuable tips to help you secure your dream home in a competitive market.

Offer a Competitive Price: Increase Your Chances of Success

Tip 1: Offer a Competitive Price on the Home

Make sure you’ve offered a competitive price on the home. Even in today’s market in Fresno and Clovis, multiple offers are common. Don’t hold out too much or you may risk losing the home. If you really want it, be proactive and go for it!

Demonstrate Seriousness: Earnest Money Deposit and Contingencies

Tip 2: Put Down a Larger Earnest Money Deposit and Be Mindful of Contingencies

Put down a larger earnest money deposit to show your seriousness and financial capability. However, be cautious about removing contingencies until you have full approval from the underwriter to avoid losing your deposit. Consider removing contingencies selectively, such as inspection contingencies if you know the house is in great shape or loan contingencies with DU approval.

Build Trust and Show Flexibility to the Seller

Tip 3: Being Flexible and Showing Trust

Let the seller know that you haven’t written offers on other properties, and make sure you have verified the taxes. Assure them that you’ll be reasonable with requests and repairs during escrow. Maintain consistent communication between your agent and the seller’s agent to stand out as a serious and reliable buyer. 

Get Expert Assistance to Secure Your Dream Home

Believe it or not, these tips can make a significant difference in sealing the deal. Make sure to watch Mike’s video “Tips to Get Your Offer Accepted,” and then if you want to learn more tips and strategies, give us a call.

At Webber Realty Group, we have helped hundreds of buyers like you secure their dream homes. Let us assist you in making your dream a reality.

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