Timelines for Selling Your Home: What to Expect

Expert Insights on Timelines for Selling Your Home

Are you curious about the timelines for the different steps involved in selling your home? Check out this video where Mike shares valuable information based on years of experience working with hundreds of sellers in Clovis and Fresno. Discover what to expect and gain insights into the home selling process.

Preparing Your Home: The Key to Successful Selling

Step 1: Getting Your Home Show-Ready

Before listing your home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), it’s crucial to ensure it shines and is in show-ready condition. At Webber Realty Group, we know this can be overwhelming, so we will provide a complimentary appointment with our stager who will offer recommendations to enhance your home’s appearance, maximizing your return on investment. Staging plays a significant role in the selling process, influencing both the sale price and speed of the transaction. As part of our all-inclusive services, we offer staging of all of your main rooms – at no extra cost to you.

Professional Photography and Digital Marketing: Attracting Buyers

Step 2: Capturing Your Home’s Unique Features

Once your home is show-ready, we schedule our professional photographer to showcase your home’s best features through high-quality photos and, if necessary, drone photography for outdoor areas. We also include a professional videographer at no extra cost, and if you so choose. These visual assets are essential for our comprehensive digital marketing strategy, aimed at exposing your home to a wide range of potential buyers, Our strategic plan involves targeted ad campaigns across multiple social media platforms, ensuring maximum exposure for your listing.

Disclosures, Inspections, and Listing Exposure

Step 3: Importance of: Disclosures, Inspections, and Listing Distribution

During this phase, we discuss the importance of disclosures and whether to have inspections done prior to listing. We ensure that you understand the implications and significance of these factors. Additionally, we go beyond the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and list your home on major sites such as Zillow and Realtor.com, expanding its reach to a broader audience.

Showings and Market Conditions: Determining the Selling Timeline

Step 4: Showings and Market Factors

Once your listing goes live, expect agents to call and schedule showings with their clients. The buyers’ agents will accompany their clients during these visits, allowing you to focus on other matters. The time it takes for your home to sell depends on various factors, but we are currently (February 2024) still seeing homes in Clovis and Fresno sell within just a few days on the market.

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