Living in Fresno

House Hack: Out With the Lawn-Mowing, In With the Fun!

Is Artificial Grass Right for You?

We installed artificial lawn (synthetic grass) and have enjoyed and soaked in every minute of it. Living in Fresno, living in Clovis, and almost anywhere in the Central Valley allows for the perfect weather to grow that thick, lush Bermuda lawn; however, last spring, we searched to find inspiration for our slowly dying backyard lawn, turning to creative friends and landscape artists for help.

You see, sometimes Mike gets a little overzealous with the way that he fertilizes and he may have added just a tad too much. It didn’t help the matter that we had huge shade trees from our neighbors’ yard blocking the sun from this carpet-like Bermuda grass. Because of this, we decided to give artificial grass a chance. Not only did we install this wonderful authentic-looking lawn in the backyard, Mike had Justin at Eslick Landscape, our synthetic grass expert, install it in the front yard as well!

Installing this has not only helped with our ever-growing landscape problems, but has also greatly reduced the amount of mess that is tracked into the house from muddy lawns. For example, we no longer have to worry about wiping our dog’s muddy paws before she comes in the house. Wow, we never thought we would be doing that after our boys moved out!

Living in Fresno
Houston, Sophie, and Hadley enjoying the artificial grass

Have I mentioned the fact that never in a million years would I have thought that Mike would have parted ways with his pride and joy: his precious lawnmower? He has always taken the time to keep it clean and shiny (just as he does his truck) and would take it to get it serviced and blades sharpened. Did I mention: Like New Trimmer Lawn Mower (with Honda motor) for Sale? By the way, you’ve got to go to Jensen & Pilegard  on Clovis Avenue- they always provide excellent customer service!

Top Reasons for Faking It With Artificial Grass:

  • No more muddy spots on lawn; and saves tons of cleaning time!
  • Tables and chairs can be set up for parties without the legs sinking in
  • No more lawn mowing! Which also means no more lifting the heavy mower in the back of the truck for yearly services (your back will thank you)
  • It looks so real now that visiting friends will ask what fertilizer is used on it, as many friends have asked us
  • No more spending money on fertilizer
  • Save a substantial amount of water
  • Turn around time for completion from start to finish was very quick: 2-3 days depending on the size of your space
  • Makes for a great dog run  
  • Play outdoors all year-long!
  • Smaller area in backyard near the pool was the perfect place for our new lawn!

Potential Downsides of Installing Artificial Grass:

  • Living in Fresno means hot summers so keep a sprinkler or two: We received this very good advice for the summer season; because of this, we left an automatic sprinkler hooked up so that we can cool off the grass if it ever gets too hot.
  • Price: Another potential problem was the big upfront cost. According to the article  “Why Fake Grass is Gaining in Popularity,” artificial lawn will run between $5-20.00 per square foot installed, compared to professionally laid real bermuda sod that will cost you approximately $1.75 sq. ft. for a comprehensive job: removal of old sod, new top soil, prep, and new sod install. Of course, if you DIY, or have a new yard, your expense per square foot will be lower.  
  • Our huge front lawn got a little pricey; however, if you plan on staying in your home, the experts say that an average time frame for recouping costs of your new worry-free lawn is about seven years.

Join us on this Adventure!

Overall, whether we throw down our towels for a picnic on the lawn after swimming or play baseball in between the spring rains, we love living the outdoor lifestyle.

If you are interested in joining us on this exciting endeavor, make sure you call Justin! Also go to the “Fake Grass Popularity” article at houselogic to get more information. Find out how YOU can live the outdoor lifestyle on your very own gorgeous and worry free lawn!

Aren’t you tired of mowing your lawn?


  1. The Webber family has the most realistic looking fake grass I have ever seen. Their front & back yard is beautuful. Great choice

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