Want to Sell Your House? Avoid These Mistakes…

Selling your home is a big deal and is never as easy as it appears. For many people who are selling, the emotions you experience can be very stressful and overwhelming.

Selling your home quickly, and for the most money takes a strategic plan and there are a range of factors that should be taken into consideration.

Not Really Vetting Your Real Estate Agent – It’s Critical and Can Make or Break Your Sale

It is important to have an outstanding working relationship with your listing real estate agent. Many people don’t think of real estate agents as professionals and think that they all just do the same things: take a few pictures (hopefully not with their phones) and plop it on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS); however, that is not the case at all.

Knowing how to choose a Realtor to sell your house is one of the most important things you can do. Surprisingly, it is pretty easy to get a real estate license, and when you consider that people’s homes are usually their most significant asset, knowing how to pick a Realtor to sell your house is critical.

So, do they know how to negotiate and are they…

Negotiating for you?

Ineffective negotiation strategies and poor skills in this area can result in missed opportunities for maximizing your selling price. Working with an experienced real estate agent who can advocate for your interests and negotiate effectively on your behalf is crucial for achieving your best possible outcome.

It is essential that you work with someone you feel great about – someone where you feel confident that you can always rely on them for their expertise. That’s why a careful interview process of agents you are considering is critical.

Overpricing the Property and Setting an Unrealistic Asking Price Can Leave A Negative Impression on Potential Buyers

Get the Price Right – this means you need an experience real estate agent who takes the time to provide you with a detailed analysis of market conditions and comparable sales for your home.

If you have chosen a skilled real estate agent and listen to what they say about pricing, they will be able to explain precisely where your property fits into the market. Properly pricing your home is crucial for attracting buyers and maximizing your profits.

Neglecting Home Staging and Failing to Properly Prepare Your Home For Sale Means You Could Be Leaving Money on the Table

Investing time and effort into decluttering and enhancing the visual appeal of your home can significantly increase its market value. Getting advice on how to properly prepare your home should be expected of the real estate agent you choose.

Are they providing you with professional home staging to make your home shine and be seen in its best light? It is a big deal, and it does make a huge difference in getting the most money for your home. And, your home is now ready for…

Professional Photography – this is a must! Most buyers find the home they fall in love with online.

Neglecting the Exterior of Your Home and Poor Curb Appeal Can Also Turn Off Potential Buyers Before They Even Step Inside

Enhancing curb appeal through landscaping and welcoming entryways can help attract a larger pool of qualified buyers, Not sure how far to go with the more expensive updates?

You should be able to rely on the expertise of your real estate agent to provide you with a list of must do/don’t do so that you do not spend on updates where you will not see returns. Your real estate agent should guide you and have a step-by-step plan created just for you. You must create a positive first impression to increase buyer interest and get them inside your beautiful home.

Inadequate Photography and Marketing Can Limit Your Home’s Exposure to Potential Buyers

Utilizing professional photography and a strategic marketing plan that includes targeted advertising for your home can help attract a larger pool of qualified buyers and increase your chances of selling at the best price.

And make sure your agent discusses additional photography options that might be perfect for your home: depending on your property, professional drone photography, twilight shoots, and virtual tours could be an extra way to show off your beautiful home.

With internet marketing, photography is what gets people in the doors and sells the home – the more amazing photos you have, the better…so don’t be afraid to let your real estate agent know if the photography could be better – you are paying your agent a lot of money!

Ignoring Necessary Repairs

If you fail to address necessary repairs before listing your home, it could lead to lower offers or costly concessions during negotiations. Conducting a pre-listing inspection and addressing any issues beforehand will make sure you present a well-maintained property and avoid all of the potential deal breakers.

Remember, a buyer will be doing a home inspection once the deal has been accepted, so make sure your real estate agent is advising you about necessary, vital repairs and recommending top-notch vendors to get those done.

Inadequate Disclosure of Important Information About Your Property Can Lead to More Problems Down the Road

Failing to disclose important information such as known defects or legal issues can lead to possible disputes and financial losses down the line. It’s important to be transparent and provide accurate disclosures to potential buyers to maintain trust and protect yourself from future liabilities.

Your real estate agent should explain exactly what “Disclosures” are and their importance, so make sure you ask all kinds of questions when this comes up.

By avoiding these errors, you can position yourself for a successful home sale and maximize your financial return.

If you have any other questions or need assistance, feel free to give us a call.

Want to Sell Your House? Avoid These Mistakes…

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